Virtual Reality | Metaverse | NFT | Blockchain | Play to Earn
Z Versus Project is an all-in-one gaming experience. Incorporating the amazing technology of the Metaverse, innovating on blockchain and play-to-earn gaming, and providing a post-apocalyptic world packed with meaningful content to explore, Z-Project offers a social and gaming experience like nothing else.
Set for initial alpha and beta builds on desktop, Z Versus Project is being carefully crafted as a fully immersive VR experience – amplifying the intensity of this post-apocalyptic future and bringing it to life so that players can see, hear, touch, feel, and experience a virtual world like never before.
With infinitely customizable avatars, extensively upgradable homes and settlements that can be bought and sold, auction houses for NFTs and unique crypto tokens, real-world advertisements reimagined for the desolate setting, and social hubs to buy, sell, trade, and have fun with friends – Z-project has it all.
Designed for seamless integration with Metaverse, Z Versus Project is made with accessibility and adaptability in mind. From the most high-end PCs to the everyday work laptop, or from the most high-end VR headsets to the most affordable, everyone can find a home at the end of the world.
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