How Z Versus Project Will Be Funded

Z Versus Project is taking multiple avenues toward funding to diversify opportunity for investors.
With initial income from the $ZVERSUS token, Steam Sales, and in-game Advertising, the game's features such as play-to-earn and staking will be financed, and the long-term survival of the project will be guaranteed.
-There are two different advertising options available to businesses or individuals within our game:
  1. 1.
    We will rent out advertising spaces within our game such as billboards.
  2. 2.
    Companies and individiuals will be able to display their products as in-game items or aesthetic decorations.
This money earned from businesses and individuals will be contributed straight to the development of the project.
As Z Versus Project is launching as a gaming experience first, many players can enjoy the game for exactly that. Our game will be sold as a standalone title with a branching narrative PVE experience and incorporated PVP experience.
Our plan to sell the game through Steam and allow players to experience what the game has to offer before continuing their post-apocalyptic journey with the many other game features.