Problems and Solutions

Every year, thousands of different games enter the market. With the emergence of the metaverse and announcements from AAA developers, we can expect to see an avalanche of new gaming experiences.

To compete in that fledgling Metaverse market, it’s critical that Z Versus Project sets itself apart from the competition to attract a growing user base.

That’s why we created Z Versus Project around four foundational pillars: gameplay, community, engagement, and earning.


Something most modern blockchain games are missing is gameplay. In effort to make the most money as quickly as possible, they lose out on the long-term investment. They design games with no potential for growth, no brand or consistent player base in mind. To turn that blockchain gaming trend on its head, we asked ourselves why a game where you play to earn can’t be fun too?

The answer is, it can. Z Versus Project is a game first. It’s designed not only to incorporate a unique cryptocurrency, engage with blockchain technologies, and be a profitable avenue for both players and investors – but to be fun.

With immersive VR options, looter-shooter combat, and complex building tools, it’s got everything to keep players coming back. Enjoyment, engagement, an excited community and dev team – that’s what ensures Z-Project builds out and up, and isn’t a one-hit-wonder.


Games nowadays are nothing without the community who supports them. Players can make or break a games success because they can smell a con from a mile away.

We not only want to provide a game that engages on the gameplay side, but on the communal side as well. Z Versus Project uses the metaverse as a core of its design philosophy, incorporating social media engagement into the actual world.

Imagine a game hub that doubles as your own social media page, a messenger app linked directly to your phone so you always know how your unique progress and experience is evolving.

Z Versus Project uses community as a pillar to ensure that gamers who join have other gamers to communicate with – to build post-apocalyptic settlements together and earn real money renting them out. It wants friends to join in a social space online as if it were a bar in their local town.


Engagement in gaming, just like in any relationship, is a two-way street. To encourage feedback from our community, we will create an open dialogue with players. As we stress-test features, we want feedback. Before new DLCS drop, we’ll roll out betas to a select few premium users and influencers.

To further encourage engagement, the dev team won’t be relegated to radio silence about the project. They’ll be encouraged to join the conversations on the in-game forums. They’ll be there to talk about the game with players who love it and even offer up unique art of the original design as NFTs.


As a blockchain game, Z Versus Project is designed for players to earn real money. Through crypto implementation and numerous features from marketplace to NFTs, the more players play, the more they can earn. However, that doesn’t mean earning is only relegated to a select few at the top.

Earning in Z Versus Project is about diversity and multiple avenues.

Some may find value in building massive zombie-proof fortresses, whereas others might earn their loot in the Global War of zombies vs. humans, and still others might find rare rewards through diligent mining and expansive exploration of the post-apocalyptic world.

No matter how you play, you have ways to earn in Z Versus Project.

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