The year is 2131, and the world is on the brink of collapse. The ever-growing Red Giant of our home Sun alongside relentless human expansion has contributed to increasing global changes and catastrophes, making life untenable. Resources are stretched thin; countries are in isolation hoarding what they have and the world is in a state of unrest. To make matters worse, a lack of resources places a restriction on procreation and people are limited to one child. However, most refuse even that.
Scientists are concerned with the future depopulation of humanity and set to work on extending human life span to counteract this – in other words, immortality. Recent studies capped human life-span at 160 years – scientists aimed to triple, even quadruple that. To do that, they used one of the most rapidly reproducing and spreading cells known – cancer cells. In a lab experiment gone wrong, they succeed in creating immortal human life, the only problem is that humanity gets left behind. The brain, unable to achieve homeostasis through rapid cellular reproduction, shuts down in test subjects.
The result is instinct-driven immortal monsters – zombies. Because of the cancer cells used to achieve this undying hybrid, it rapidly spreads across the world, infecting the sick first and the healthy later on. The endgame where our story begins is the last fragments of humanity finally banding together – separate and unique factions joined as one – to combat extinction.