NFT Housing Blocks, Land, & Settlements

NFT Housing/Land Purchase

Each player's house consists of one “block” of space.
That block would have the essentials included already: a bed, a storage container, bathroom, and a portable stovetop for crafting.
  • Housing upgrades can be found:
    • In-game through farming
    • Marketplace purchase
    • Also can buy/earn new blocks
      • adding more floors, more rooms, more access for a hub
        • All bolster value and can later be traded as NFT
Blocks can also be bound together to create communities.
  • The basic outline of how this works:
    • Every initial player receives a Home Hub – one block or plot of land
    • Through missions and gameplay, they can expand it and decorate it
    • They can also join groups, combining blocks or plots into a collective
    • 5,000,000 initial blocks available
When the game begins, initial subscribers can all be given a piece of land or apartment. To note – land is a delineation for country zones, apartment is a delineation for city zones.
  • These pieces of land or apartments are locked off and only used as a solo game hub.
  • If chosen, players can invest in blocks to expand their living space
  • They can also invest to combine living spaces into communities with just a few friends or more.
  • The longer these places have existed, the larger they are, the more decorations and features players add to them alone or as a group, the more valuable the NFT plot of land or apartment complex/defensive fortress becomes
    • From that point, they can be sold (to friends or whomever), create growing communities where people have to pay to be a part of or buy in, or anything else.
      • They can have their own inner-markets, vendors, anything.
  • You can also open vendors or entertainment areas in your location to sell items you accrue to people from other factions that come to visit