Z Versus Project

How to Get Started?

The character can choose either to be a part of the human faction or the zombie faction. Depending on their choice, the starting point will be different. The key for the game beginning is making sure the player is first isolated to understand the various mechanics.

General Player Path

  • The player chooses faction:
    • Zombies or Humans
  • The player initiates a starting path based on their chosen environment.
  • The player completes starting area and discovers the first “home” block
  • From Home Hub, players can choose the next steps:
    1. 1.
      Free Roam/Farm
      1. 1.
        Exploring the surrounding area to initiate world events that provide chests
      2. 2.
        They will also discover crafting items that can create tokens (two-step mining)
    2. 2.
      Main missions/daily challenges for chests
      1. 1.
        Chests or mission rewards can offer three types of loot:
        1. 1.
          In-Game Weapons/Cosmetics
        2. 2.
          Human or Zombie “Heroes”
          • These are used for Blockchain-based battles (like RISK/Zombie World Z) and the “Global War” between humans and zombies.