Z Versus Project

NFT Staking & Renting - Housing “Blocks”

  • Acquire blocks of buildings or land to upgrade and trade
  • The Blocks of land are separated similarly to real life. There are smaller apartments and larger homes. These will also vary greatly in price. The smaller apartments are plentiful enough for most all players in the varying communities, but the larger places will go through a particular process of ownership. These larger faction communities include:
    • Castle Fortress
    • Museum
    • Capitol Building
    • Shopping Mall
  • In effect, these larger areas for purchase are meant for community building and defense, as well as unique customization
  • How to Buy a Block
    • $ZVERSUS Tokens will initially be available through a series of Private and Public investment rounds. Once these rounds are closed, investors will be required to link their blockchain wallet where tokens will be distributed to.
  • Reselling a Block via NFT
    • The Z VERSUS PROJECT Marketplace will be launched in conjunction with the $ZVERSUS token distribution where token holders will be able to purchase Z VERSUS PROJECT real estate through the NFT mechanism.
    • Purchasing real estate within Z VERSUS PROJECT, from other players, is known as a REBUILD
  • Two Types of Block Ownership – this is only in regards to apartment/housing NFTs – items, loot, or art can only be owned by one person.
    • Sole Ownership is where Z VERSUS PROJECT real estate is represented and owned by a single NFT. That means, if it’s an apartment, one person owns it entirely.
    • Communal Ownership is where Z VERSUS PROJECT real estate is represented by multiple NFT’s. That means, whether it’s an apartment or a larger space, more than one person owns it – 2+ owners.
      • It should be noted an investor can purchase multiple NFT’s.
  • Real estate that is owned by a sole or communal group can also rent out the space for events or lease it for an extended period of time. This is an agreement decided between the person or people who own the property and the person who wants to lease.
  • $ZVERSUS tokens will also be available for those who missed the Private and Public rounds, REBUILDS will be available via exchanges.
    • Z VERSUS PROJECT real estate will be sold in a 4-phase sale. All $ZVERSUS tokens used for the purchase of the $ZVERSUS real estate will be locked to reduce the supply of $ZVERSUS tokens.
  • What to Do With REBUILDS
    • REBUILDS will be owned through either sole ownership or communal ownership.
    • Sole ownership will give the user full rights to develop their REBUILDS as they choose, utilising the Z-Marketplace in order to purchase content to furnish their REBUILD.
    • Z VERSUS PROJECT players can sell their REBUILD in either a developed or undeveloped state at any time using the Z-Marketplace. Similarly, REBUILDS can be leased to an interested party for an event or on a long-term basis.
    • The use of REBUILDS on a communal ownership basis will be decided through a Governance mechanism, where the user’s percentage NFT holding of the REBUILD act as their voting right.
      • Votes will be cast on the proposal with majority vote deciding the outcome. If a sale is agreed the user will receive their percentage of the sale in relation to their NFT holding of the REBUILD.
      • Similarly if a lease is agreed the user will receive a percentage of the rental income for the term agreed.