With an in-game marketplace and an NFT ecosystem on other blockchains, you don’t have to go far to share your unique discoveries with the world. Create liquidity for assets, scour pages of epic content discovered by real players and alter, decorate, or personalize your own that is guaranteed to turn heads.

Experience an entire post-apocalyptic world of unique NFT items and artwork found from avenues of exploration, product integration, and unique player-made designs. Uncover the rarest loot through gameplay, utilize brand-names for purchase to make your character stand out, and bid in auctions on real art created to develop the unique world of Z VERSUS PROJECT.

  • Purchase new blocks of land, new pet companions, troop upgrades, and daily bonuses


The world of Z VERSUS PROJECT is full of secrets and rare items that only the most ardent players will uncover. But there is more than just rare loot, there is the ability to design. Whether crafting a unique item from unreal sources, or creating a settlement of unimaginable scope, your work won’t go unnoticed.

Whatever you design, whatever your persistence provides can be listed on the marketplace for others to admire and rent for a time or purchase outright.

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