Project Summary

· FPS/RPG Hybrid – from the creation of your unique avatar to your loadout, gear, and narrative path, Z-Project is all about player choice and thrilling, immersive, combat.
· Immersive VR Experience – the metaverse is all about immersion. Where other games stretch too big too fast, Z-Project is planning a long-term rollout. To immerse yourself in VR, it has to feel like a home within your home, and that’s what the painstaking detail that goes into Z-Project’s VR experience will represent.
· Play-to-Earn – performance-based Rewards for PVE & PVP modes that allow the most dedicated grinders and casual players to play and earn.
· Build-to-Earn – players can buy land, own housing blocks, develop entire survivor communities, live in dedicated settlements, and even rent or sell their properties as NFTs
· Solid Game Economy - The Z Versus Project game economy will be maintained by renting in-game advertising spaces to companies or individuals, selling steam, and selling NFT housing/settlements to players. A continuous system will be guaranteed in this manner.
· NFT Collection – thousands of unique characters, weapons, & items all waiting to be discovered and unlocked.
· Global Z-War – an in-game system and mobile battle arena separated by seasons that brings Z-Project everywhere you go. Pit survivors vs. zombies in an all-out war for supplies and world domination as you earn real crypto for high-level victories.
Not only that, Z-Project also includes:
· Social Spaces designed for Multiple Communities
· Open-World Designed for Post-Apocalyptic Exploration
· Unique Single-Player Narrative Storylines
· In-Game Purchases through Z-Market
· In-Game Rewards & Unique NFTs