Gameplay & Global War

Global War as mentioned previously is the overarching troop battle sim that takes place at all times during PROJECT-Z VERSUS. However, when not participating in that, the majority of the time will be spent in first-person gameplay. In that regard, the Global War can be managed not only from within the Metaverse system, but also from your mobile phone or desktop. The other gameplay, however, is exclusive to your VR console or desktop – something that can run the graphical requirements of the first-person immersive gameplay.


After the introduction, every player is given a home base. This base is off the main NFT market and cannot be shared without purchase, but the base itself consists of the bare essentials so that they can rest between missions, recover, and it is also where they can have direct access to the “Global War” troop deployment/supply lines.

This home is designed as a walkable first-person or VR space, with interactive items that can be added by marketplace purchases or in-game unlocks. This is every player’s main hub.

It can also be expanded and combined with other players – creating community housing for a fee.


When not taking part in the Global War, players need to find supplies and troops. To do that, they will have to explore the many locations fighting enemies, discovering hidden caches, looting, and completing faction contracts.

At the start, they will receive these missions through radio messages that will tell them to, for example:

  • Go to this abandoned warehouse in Manhattan

  • Recover this item from bandit leader Krull

  • Deliver this item to Survivor Encampment North for a supply reward.

    • Supplies help in the global War, and killing VIP targets like Krull can offer new HERO CARDS for the Global War as well.


In addition to the missions, exploration also offers farming opportunities. Enemies throughout the world will have a % attributed to dropping rare goods. The higher-level zone, more difficult the enemy, the rarer the item. These could be “Public Events” where you and a cooperative team need to work together to take down a high-level enemy in order to obtain higher tier loot.

Additionally, every enemy could also drop a certain item (or several) that can be key crafting components for higher-level items. For example, a zombie could drop Element X which humans require for research components – and humans could drop Blood which zombies need for food.

Additionally, we could make each of those items, when combined with other items found in game or the marketplace, a way to obtain portions of actual $ZVERSUS – two-step mining/farming.

Loot Rarity

  • Common

  • Rare

  • Epic

  • Legendary

  • NFT – extremely unique items for very few players

NFT Breakdown

There are various types of NFTs in the game. These include:

  • NFT Loot

    • NFT loot is the rarest form of loot in game

    • It can be found in the world through extremely high-level encounters but there is a limited supply brought forth by Z VERSUS PROJECT.

    • NFTs can also be bought in the Z-Marketplace and resold

    • The benefits of this loot are high-level gear for your avatar

  • NFT Aesthetics

    • These will be unique aesthetic choices for your character

    • They will be available for purchase through the Z-Marketplace

    • These will utilize brand names like “Coca-Cola” or “Gucci” to create real housing décor or clothing items for your avatar

  • NFT artwork

    • In addition to NFT loot, Z VERSUS PROJECT will offer NFT artwork, which are the unique designs used when initially creating the game.

    • Like any NFT art, there is only one original piece and it can be bought at auction

    • As there is inherently a limited number of art pieces used to create the game, all of them can be leveraged for sale, but every person who owns a piece will receive a special commendation.

      • This commendation can be brandished by their avatar, allowing them access to a unique “Developer’s Museum” where the game design is brought to life with the scrapped ideas.

      • It also allows them priority access for first bids in future auctions, and a monthly supply of TROOPS for the Global War

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